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Together We Can Take on Anything.

Committing to your professional association provides ample opportunity for education, networking and volunteer participation. By joining NAIFA, we become your partner, elevating your performance while providing a greater purpose to your professional work.




President, Colin Aubin

NAIFA-Chicagoland is committed to NAIFA  and is a proud chapter of NAIFA Nation.  As the largest local in IL, we are determined to keep our NAIFA local strong and will work hard to support NAIFA with the "boots on the ground" efforts of our local members.

Welcome to our newest NAIFA Members!

Robert Barron - Country Financial

Gina Ross - Crump

Kevin Nix - Stratos Wealth Partners

Nicole Olczak    Midwest Legacy Group, LLC
Austin Mitchell    Midwest Legacy Group LLC
Jeffrey Luckey    Midwest Legacy Group LLC
Doc Taylor    Midwest Legacy Group LLC
Milton Brown    Midwest Legacy Group LLC
Nelta Neal    Midwest Legacy Group, LLC
Jenna Koch    Midwest Legacy Group, LLC
Mary Deutsch    MTD Financial
Jeffrey Mauritzen    Farmers Insurance
Scott Pruett    Allstate
Ashok Shah    Futurity First Insurance Group
Jacqueline Benson    Midwest Legacy Group
Victoria Davis    Midwest Legacy Group
Kajal Patel    American Family Insurance

We are glad to have you as part of the team!



Advocate for your industry at our annual Legislative Day.


Educate yourself at our Annual Conference.


Differentiate yourself by serving on one of our committees.